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Freedom and Candor at the Workplace

  When I sat down to write this article, the question on my mind was ‘What is the thing that I most enjoy at my work? It sent me down a trail of thought on my experience with Adtech and its product team in the last 6 months. Starting as an intern in the newly formed product team, I evolved to become the product manager for the new product that our organization is launching. This journey involved a lot of learning and unlearning, thinking and building. Nevertheless, the question of what is the thing that I enjoy at my work was still stuck with me. Amongst the many things, that I like, there are two things that I feel are truly unique in this organization and in my team. They are Freedom to Explore and Experiment We started with this product from an almost tabula rasa (blank slate). With the approach of going from problem to solution, user to product, we set our attention to understanding the problem space. It was like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Trying to piece together an overall picture
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My Experience at Adtech Corp by Mohammed Osman

My Experience at Adtech Corp I have been developing Android Apps for the last 4 years and have got a small portfolio of apps that have more than 1 Million+ downloads. During the last semester exams of my CS Engineering, I came across Adtech Corp’s posting for an Android Developer with a minimal description as ‘looking for someone who has experience in Android Development and can execute projects independently’. I liked that as they did not give importance to degree/percentage, they were looking for someone who has got the skills to get the job done. I joined Adtech Corp in August 2021. This is my first ever full-time and moreover a WFH job, it has been more than 3 months and what I like the most about the company is their work culture. What’s so special about the work culture? Sense of Ownership / Getting Things Done    At Adtech Corp, I observed that they don’t put work pressure, instead they prefer people with an attitude that has a sense of ownership, who take the responsibility as

Does Travel Add to Your Product Mindset and How?

What does travel mean to you?    For each one of us ,  at  a  different  point in  time, the answer  varies .   For me ,  travelling is not something that I do because I am fed  up with my routine but rather,  because I  have a genuine interest in  exploring a place and now, it has become an integral part of my life.  My idea of travel is ‘Slow Travel’ i.e., I explore only a single place for the whole period of my vacation which usually lasts for a minimum of a week or so. When you take things slow, you will be able to see a lot more than just ‘popular touristic spots.’    Travel exposes us to new challenges, cultures ,  and experiences, thus enabling us to expand our perspective.   If you are  a part of the  product development sphere,  I strongly believe that all  th ese  experience s  will eventually translate into having a broader  view when working th r ough ideation to  the  development of a product.     During my travels, I have stayed in hotels , hostels, home stays, private pr