Building an Enterprise Platform – Consider Outsource Product Development

  What is Outsourced Product Development?    Outsourcing is not a new way of doing business. Traditionally ,  outsourcing would mean bring ing  in specific skills to augment your IT team. Outsourcing Product Development (OPD) may seem conceptually similar to outsourcing the development of software applications but there are significant differences. The differences are primarily in the execution expertise required for product development. Some of the great value adds when you engage with Independent Software Vendors  ( ISV )  specializing in OPD are as follows:   Product Mindset – The product-centric mindset allows teams to focus on outcome over output .    S ince products last a longer lifetime than  regular IT Projects the right mindset ensures the product is  much more responsive to change ,  is more creative,  ensures  f aster time-to-market ,  and  has  elevated code quality. As a modern and challenging  approach,  the  right  product mindset allows the organization to attain prod
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